Great Lakes Power Exchange, Aug. 27

Great Lakes Power ExchangeINDIANAPOLIS — This year’s Great Lakes Power Exchange contest will be held August 27, at the IMAs Red Black and Blue Ball in Indianapolis. Thank you to Indiana Masters and slaves (IMAs) for allowing Great Lakes Power Exchange to be part of this event, featuring some of the best kink educators, vendors, and play spaces in the region. Registration for the event will be open soon at

Great Lakes Power Exchange (GLPE) is a title that provides an opportunity for a couple or triad to grow and gain visibility as educators and ambassadors for power exchange relationships. Titleholders travel throughout the Great Lakes region, teaching classes at events and group meetings and modeling and educating about healthy power exchange.

Any couple or triad living in the Great Lakes region who are age 21+ and have been in a power exchange relationship for at least one year may run for this title. There is no particular look or dynamic favored over another. All dynamics are welcome, such as (but not limited to) Dominant/submissive, Master/slave, Owner/property, Daddy or Mommy/girl or boy, and Trainer/puppy.

Contestants are judged on their ability to give a classroom-style educational presentation, perform in a stage demo or fantasy, talk with judges in an interview, and present an overall positive image of healthy power exchange.

The winning couple or triad will commit to teach classes for at least four events or groups in the Great Lakes region during their title year, to travel to Florida for Beyond Leather to compete at International Power Exchange, and to appear at the next year’s GLPE contest to give a step-down speech.

To receive an application packet or find out more about the title and contest, contact Lady Elsa ( or your current GPLE titleholders, Kevin and katie.

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