Great Lakes Leather Alliance XVI

INDIANAPOLIS — Great Lakes Leather Alliance (GLLA) was held in Indianapolis on September 28, 2017 – October 1, 2017.

In it’s 16th year, it had one of its largest contests yet with eight different contests going on simultaneously and working together with the Great Lakes Pup and Trainer Contest (GLPT). GLPT is in its third year working with GLLA, with Producer/Owner Pup Mjolnir and Producer Pup Gungnir. The other contests include Bootblack, Master/slave, Ms Leather Pride, Power Exchange, Puppy, Trainer, Leather Sir, Leather boy.  In all, there were 24 contestants total that entered the contests (when you include the Dynamics contestants from Master/slave and Power Exchange), 23 competed due to one removing themselves for medical reasons. Having so many titles competing at the same time means you need a large judging staff with a total of six tally masters, three support staff members, six stage crew members, and 29 judges broken up into four panels.

Bootblack Judging Panel:

Bootblack Q, boy ed: International Community Bootblack 2014, Zach: Ohio Community Bootblack 2014, Ches: Mr North American Muscle Bear 2015, Rhee: Indiana Ms Leather Pride 2015/Ms Great Lakes Olympus Leather 2016, Pony International Ms Bootblack 2009, and Bootpig Ms Olympus Leather 2003

Master/slave Power Exchange Judging Panel:

Master Alex: Director Emeritus of MAsT International, Master Z: International Master 2004, Ian: International Mr Transgender 2012/2013, boy Keith, Kevin: International Power Exchange 2017, Maxxsboy, slave toi: Southwest slave 2015/Colorado slave 2014, Ms Brenda: Great Lakes Master 2014/Ohio Master 2014/2015

Puppy & Trainer Judging Panel:

Pup Incus: IPC International Puppy 2016, Rex Shepard: IPC International Puppy 2017, Daddy John Great Lakes trainer 2016/2017, Pup Dodger, IPTC International Puppy 2017, Sir Pounder: IPTC International Trainer 2016, Brian Bolt Donner: Mr Tristate Leather 2015, Pup VIno: Mr Midwest Leather 2015/Imperial Court Puppy 2016

Sir/boy & Ms Leather Pride Judging Panel:

Mark Frazier, Sir Ivan: International LeatherSIR 2016, Eric Masters: Mr 501 Eagle 2016, Joey McDonald, slave adeena: International Person of Leather 2017, Patrick Smith: International Mr Leather 2015, boy Jim: Mr Michigan Leather 2010/Great Lakes Leather boy 2012

Contestants (the new GLLA/GLPT will be in BOLD) 

GLLA is a regional contest that pulls contestants from the Great Lakes area, this year the 24 contestants were from eight states including Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin.  There was at least one contestant in each of the eight title runs and all the winners scored 87% or higher.


2017 Bluegrass Leather Pride Bootblack Ray

Great Lakes Bootblack Ray


2017 Indiana Master Scott/slave lyon, 2016 Show-Me Leather Missouri Master/slave Sir Time/slave sarah, and 2017 Ohio Master/slave Ms Lyn/slave bit

Great Lakes Master/slave Master Scott & slave lyon

Ms Leather Pride:

2017 Illinois Ms Leather Pride Daddy Sky Cotton, 2017 Ms Bluegrass Leather Pride Jami, 2017 Ms Ohio Leather Pride Traeonna

Great Lakes Ms Leather Pride Daddy Sky

Power Exchange:

MIstress Elliot, Slantsix, and Herhagen


2017 Illinois Handler Daddy Eos, 2017 Illinois Puppy Xolox (removed themself for medical reasons), 2017 Bluegrass Leather Pride Puppy Alice, 2017 Michigan Trainer Sir Jason Cutler, 2017 Michigan Puppy Teya, Wisconsin Trainer Sir Nate, Wisconsin Puppy Cyon

Great Lakes Trainer Sir Nate and Great Lakes Puppy Teya


2017 Bluegrass Leather Pride boy Steve, 2017 Michigan Leather SIR Jay, 2017 Michigan Leather boy Hank, 2017 Minnesota Leather Pride boy Puglsey, 2017 Ohio Leather Sir Rocky, 2017 Ohio Leather boy mitch

Great Lakes Leather SIR Jay

Great Lakes Leather boy Steve

Congratulations to everyone who competed and the newest GLLA/GLPT Title Holders for 2017/2018.

Stay tuned for part 2, Another Look at GLLA.