Grand Rapids Meet & Greet, July 12th

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Happy birthday to Uncle Sam. On July 4, the U.S.A. will celebrate its 238th birthday. On Saturday, July 10th we will celebrate it swinger style. The Grand Rapids Meet and Greet calls all of you are willing and able to come out and support this party. We want you!!! Do some recruiting out there and help us out.

The party is Saturday, July 12th at 8:00pm. The location is the 36th Street Lounge located at 945 36th st (about a half mile west of 131). Come early to dine there if you wish and get the party started when you get there. There is no cover charge for this event; just pay your tab and tip the waitresses and bartenders well.

So dress up in your most patriotic sexy attire and let us be thankful to live in a land where we have the freedom of expression to live in the swinging lifestyle without harassment. Along with Uncle Sam, we celebrate a number of regular patrons birthdays. (It must be that October is a chilly month so parents conceive.) Help us celebrate all those birthdays.

Reminder this is a swinger event. So please be respectful to everyone. Also I do not run the event. Lenny and Tami host the party I just run their group page on Fet. Please feel free to email me or look them up on SLS ( under FunFuckFriends.