Grand Rapids Educational Munch Meeting This Wednesday

GRAND RAPIDS – This Months Topic: Misconceptions In The BDSM Community.

Have you ever been told that this is the absolute only way to do something to later find out that you were misinformed? Has someone ever described to you the definition of a type of play or dynamic only to find out later there is more to it than that? Have you ever heard someone claim that this is “The One True Way”? Well this month we will discuss those things and try to clear up some of the common Misconceptions we have heard.

GR Ed MunchMunch Details

The Grand Rapids Educational Munch starts at 6pm. Presentations/discussions will start at 7pm. There will be time for socializing after the presentation.

If you have not been to a munch before, don’t worry! We have a plethora of Munch Leaders there to welcome you! We will happily welcome you and introduce you to some awesome people! (Also, feel free to message any one of us with any questions or concerns you have.)

When entering, ask the hostess for the Educational Munch group or go to your right when entering the restaurant, walk past the salad bar, and go into the private room.

Date & Time:in 1 day Wednesday, October 02, 2013 · 6:00 PM –11:30 PM

4157 Division Avenue South Wyoming, MI 49548   @ map

Cost: Free… Bring money for food and drinks.
Dress code: Attire appropriate for a family restaurant or L&L
Description: Join us this month in discussing “Misconceptions in the BDSM Community”.

Your hosts for the Grand Rapids Educational Munch are cupcakesnkismet,NotSoVanillaICEMelissa32, & Kricket.

Feel free to join our Fetlife Group to discuss the Munch & keep up to date with future topics & dates. Just follow this LINK. RSVP on Fetlife at this LINK.