GRALE Presents “What’s in it for me?” by Buckykatt, May 10

Alternative Grale LogoGRAND RAPIDS – Let’s make May the month of Play! This month we will be discussing and doing and enjoying some PLAY!

Bucky is coming back to GRALE to present his class/open discussion topic “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?” – A LOOK AT WHY WE PLAY. “So why are you in the scene? Is it for the power? Is it for the loss of control? Is it to get a better connection with your partner? Or maybe it’s a little bit of all of these. In this interactive class, we will look at why we play, what we expect to get out of a scene, and even some of the psychology behind playing. Through the discussions, hopefully you can get a deeper understanding of why you play, how to find out what your partner hopes to get out of play, and hopefully learn to enjoy our scenes even more.”

Cost – $10 for members/$15 for non-members
Meet & Greet our guests and presenter at 5:00
Class begins at 6:00
Potluck will follow the class
And then we get our play on!
Party ends at 1:00am!

Bucky is a deviant switch originally from the Chicago area. After seeing a fetish show at a play party, he became fascinated with rope bondage and quickly learned the skills necessary to do his own tying. Finding that traditional methods don’t always fit within his scenes, he developed his own style for not only rope bondage but for other types of play as well, preferring to follow the flow of energy with his partner and within the scene rather than doing what “The Book” says.
Bucky has a degree in communications and has been presenting professionally for over a decade. His experience ensures that the audience will be entertained, stay engaged, and will walk away with an abundance of new and useful information. Enjoying the quest for knowledge and always concerned for safety in play, Bucky loves teaching his skills and sharing his ideas with others.

Please bring a dish to pass and an open mind!

Dress code:
Street legal until inside and then whatever makes you happy.

Plainwell area. Address and directions will be sent the week of event AFTER OFFICIAL REGISTRATION.

Register at or send an email to If you have questions send an email. RSVP on the Fet page
Payments must be in advance – no money will be taken at the door during check in. You need to be on our rsvp list to be admitted. Reservation fees are not refundable.
Payments can be made through Paypal to the email address above or with a check & snail mail to GRALE, PO Box 25, Dorr, MI 49323.

You must be 21 years old & up unless you have prior board approval. We will be checking IDs (make sure you bring one!!!) and you must sign a waiver. For those with allergies please be aware that there is a cat in the home. Take your allergy meds!