GRALE March 8 – MsMidnight Decorative Corsetry and Aesthetics with MsMidnight

Alternative Grale LogoPLAINWELL, MI – March 8 GRALE will be presenting MsMidnight teaching Decorative Corsetry and Aesthetics.

Decorative Corsetry and Aesthetics with MsMidnight

In this class, MsMidnight will teach you how to create the decorative corset/top pattern that she has designed. We will also be having a potluck this month, so if you would like to bring a dish to compliment pulled pork or anything else.

Choosing your ropes:

This pattern requires (3) 30’-60’ pieces of rope. (She often uses 50’s) The length size is variable depending on the size of your bottom, how tall you want the corset itself, and the amount of weaving and other detail you put into it. It is recommend for tops to bring at least 100’ of rope for the main body and another different piece for weaving/accents (optional).

Inexpensive glow-in-the-dark rope can be purchased from Harbor Freight online or their Wyoming or Grand Rapids stores for $6 for approximately 100’ of ¼”. (Note: best if washed before use as it is very kinky out of the package and hard to work with) MsMidnight prefers ¼” for the weaving and details and 5/16” or 3/8” for the body of the tie but any sizes can be used..

Cost – $10 for members/$15 for non-members Doors Open at 3:30 Presentation begins promptly at 4:00, those who are late may not be able to follow the whole process of the rope corset. There will be a break for food at 5:30 Play party to follow after presentation Party ends at 1:00am!

Register at or send an email to If you have questions send an email. RSVP on the Fet page Payments must be in advance – no money will be taken at the door during check in. You need to be on our rsvp list to be admitted. Reservation fees are not refundable. Payments can be made through Paypal to the email address above or with a check & snail mail to GRALE, PO Box 25, Dorr, MI 49323. You must be 21 years old & up unless you have prior board approval. We will be checking IDs (make sure you bring one!!!) and you must sign a waiver. For those with allergies please be aware that there is a cat in the home. Take your allergy meds!

MsMidnights unique pattern she will share with you:

This example was tied on a plus size bottom with 2-40’ Erin Houdini 1/4” UV reactive rope for the body and 50’ ¼” Harbor Freight glow-in-the dark rope. This example was tied with 2- 50’ pieces of Garr4rope 3/8” This example was tied with 2-30’ pieces of black 3/8” and a 50’ piece of red all from Garr4rope there was an additional piece of 30’ red for the arms. This example was tied with 3- 40’ pieces of Erin Houdini ¼” UV reactive rope (3 different colors) This example uses 2- 50’ 3/8 inch and 1- 50’ ¼” Garr4rope

MsMidnight MsMidnight has always been very naturally creative and artistic and has been very successful in any medium to which she has applied this, including rope. Professionally, as an Application Engineer , she works full time presenting design software, training educators, and troubleshooting IT issues related to CAD and animated movie/video game design software. She also teaches Manufacturing, Engineering, and design CAD classes at two local colleges, and is involved in the industry through volunteer leadership. After connecting with the local kink community just over 2 years ago, she began attending every possible event related to rope. She found herself tying multiple victims a week, allowing her an extensive amount of hands-on practice and experience. She has learned from and inspired by numerous local and highly-regarded riggers including I-Love-ropebondage, PreciousKarida, AbsolutelyAtreyu, MyssFyt, Cannon, and others. She has combined what she learned with her flair for color to develop her own personal style. Her devotion to rope, natural creativity, attention to detail and aesthetics soon merged into the unique rope fashions she now creates. She very quickly earned respect and wide recognition for her work and was deluged with requests to mentor and share her new designs. Within a year she founded her private rope group, Midnight Rope. Her warm, friendly disposition and desire to teach and inspire make her a highly sought-out presenter and she has been invited to share her knowledge and expertise at a variety of events.

Grand Rapids, GRALE