GRALE February 9th-DOMonstrations

GRALEGRAND RAPIDS – GRALE brings you one of our most popular events: DOMonstrations!

Have you ever wanted to try impact play? Or experience the zap of the violet wand? Are you new to the scene or just have not had the chance to try something yet? This is the perfect opportunity to do so. Maybe you are a skilled Top in a type of play, but would like to hear some insight from another skilled player to compare notes! This is your chance!

Seasoned Tops will be on hand to offer the opportunity for you to try/learn all kinds of new and fun things such as pressure points, needle play, rough body play, violet wand, etc.

We will follow the DOMonstrations portion with our usual play party.

Keep in mind that this months event will be starting at a much earlier time of 2pm. Feel free to bring snacks to share and later in the evening we will be providing a meal.

Cost is $15 for GRALE Members and $20 for non members. And the age limit is 21+ unless prior approval by GRALE Board.

The list of presenters and stations will be updated soon!

Rough body play/pressure points-Rumot


Wax play- MistressM

Devil’s Fire/Cell popping-Mr.Johnson

Don’t forget to RSVP on Fet and Register at the GRALE Webpage or send an email to If you have questions send an email.

Payments must be in advance – no money will be taken at the door during check in. You need to be on our rsvp list to be admitted. Reservation fees are not refundable.

Payments can be made through Paypal to the email address above or with a check & snail mail to GRALE, PO Box 25, Dorr, MI 49323.

You must be 21 years old & up unless you have prior board approval. We will be checking IDs (make sure you bring one!!!) and you must sign a waiver.

Grand Rapids, GRALE