“Grab It” & Chicago Rubbermen @ Cell Block

CHICAGO – This weekend at CELL BLOCK

FRIDAY, JULY 13 …You’re invited to come and GRAB IT tonight… Join Sir Josh for his ILSb send off party … Grab a drink … Grab a friend …  Grab PRIZES & GIVEAWAYS … Grab a hot guy to take home … Free pool and Wii, as well as a talented BOOT BLACK and BUZZ CUT dude to take care of you … All proceeds benefit Sir Josh’s travel fund for the ILSb competition … Back Bar opens at 10pm …and you can enjoy our Friday special – FAT TIRE BEER only $4.25
SATURDAY, JULY 14 … Don’t miss the CHICAGO RUBBERMEN 6th ANNIVERSARY PARTY … Come help these hot guys celebrate another year of hot rubber love and good times … Join them to raise a glass, touch some hot rubbery bodies, and participate in RAFFLES, GIVEAWAYS & SHOT SPECIALS … Check out their Facebook  page for more info and to get a list of those participating … Back Bar opens at 10pm with Justin …
SUNDAY, JULY 15 … Bar opens at 2pm … Check out the CUBS VS DIAMONDBACKS during the afternoon on our new flat screen television … $3.50 MILLER LITE bottle or 16oz draft … FREE SNACKS in the afternoon … So stop by after softball or the beach and see what’s going on … Mark takes over the bar at night so stop by and have a shot with him …
REMINDER:  Mark your calendar for Saturday, July 22 for our first big BLOCK PARTY
MONDAYS…. The CELL BLOCK ROCKS with vintage and current rock music …..$4.25 ROKK VODKA specials …….All flavors… Regular, Orange, Citrus and Raspberry….. and Dustin and Kelly will be happy to serve you…..
TUESDAYS …  it’s TWOSDAY at the Cell Block – that means we have PBR IN CANS for only $2.00! Dustin and Kelly welcome you to stop in….again, free pool and Wii
WEDNESDAYS …  we’re doing a summer time favorite …. PEACH ABSOLUT VODKA LEMONADES for $4.25 … stop by after 9 and see Mikey and bowl the high game for the night on our Wii machine and win a prize….
NEW PRODUCTS … try a Wood Chuck Hard Cider, Goose Island 312 or Summertime Blend , or our favorite, Leinenkugel Summer Shandy.
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