Where Do We Go From Here? MAsT of Buffalo Grove in 2018

BUFFALO GROVE — As we close the doors on 2017, 2018 brings changes to MAsT of Buffalo Grove. We will be housekeeping, and discussing some of the following:

1) what date/time should we have the monthly meeting?
2) what worked in 2017?
3) what didn’t work in 2017?
4) what are our chapter’s goals?
5) do we want presenters? And whom?

This is an open forum for those who have attended MAsT of Buffalo Grove in the past, and wish to attend future meetings.

If you are unable to make the date, please send your ideas, thoughts, questions, suggestions in a private message to: Neko_Kokoro.

Please review event information and rsvp at: https://fetlife.com/events/619190