Go Back to School @ GD2

CHICAGO – Are you a misbehaving student who really just wants to be caught in the act and punished by a stern disciplinarian? Maybe you’re a licentious teacher who wants to be surrounded by eager to please students, or a bully whose time for comeuppance has arrived? Or perhaps an exhibitionist wrestler looking for a challenge? And don’t forget the school slut.

We will have school desks, rulers, and drawing and other school supplies out in a portion of the club. We are accepting applications for 3 different positions: school disciplinarians, gym teachers, and art instructors. There will be ample opportunities for students to receive extra credit.

Back to School Night

Saturday, August 25th, 8 P.M. – 3 A.M.

Come to school to make sure things don’t…or do…get out of hand.

Member Organized Events Include

University Level Science Class: Heart Rate
Professors Ryan and Ari are excited to share with the class their latest research on the effects of sexual deviance on the electrical activity of the heart! With science students at the ready, they will wire up volunteers to their ECG machine. Does sexual deviance get your blood pumping faster? And what type of sexual deviance is the most effective?

Gym Class
It’s everyone’s favorite period of the school day – Gym Class! Slip on your short shorts, pull up your tube socks, and strap on that headband. It’s time to sweat it out with GD2’s unforgiving physical education teachers.

Art Class
Are you a creative student? If so, join us for a lesson in Fine Arts 101. We will be using bodies as canvases as we finger paint our way to beautiful works of art. Come sit with the teacher to learn painting techniques or offer yourself up as a blank canvas.

Spelling Bee
Throughout the evening RoxMyBox will be holding a Spelling Bee to challenge our GD2 students. Come compete with others to find out who is the best word smith. She’ll have various prizes on hand and will be holding multiple rounds. Arrive early to get the best words!

Faculty and Student Body
The Faculty and Student Body will be on hand throughout the evening in their roles as:
Superintendent – Wilson
Principal(Headmaster) – WhiskeyBusiness
Music Teacher – LedaandtheSwan
English Teacher – MagisterNodi
Head of the Student Council – Jerith

Want to attend events like School Night? Not a member? To join GD2, visit www.galleriadomain.org

Wilson and Jerith
Galleria Domain 2
Used with permission