GLLA_globe_logo2013-weblogoINDIANAPOLIS – It is that time of year once again and I have been delayed in getting this thread started.  We are looking for volunteers to come out and help with Dungeon Set Up on Thursday prior to GLLA.

This usually this takes place between 1pm and 3 pm and for the past couple of years has taken about an hour and half since so many people have been willing to volunteer their time. We need a few people with hand tools that are willing to bring them and many more to help unload the trucks and put the equipment together. You do not need to have experience in setting up it is relatively easy and there are people there to help show you what to do.

This is a great way to learn how the equipment goes together and what is involved in setting up a Dungeon. It is also a great way to reconnect with friends and get to know the movers and shakers in the community that help to get things done! If you are interested in being a part of Dungeon setup leave you name and contact info below or message me. We definitely need your email address so we can email the exact time and details once we get closer to the date, if you would like to leave a number that is up to you.

Volunteers will be provided with pizza and pop after setup is complete. You also need to log into the GLLA website and mark yourself as a volunteer for set up. There is only a few weeks to go and I am excited as always to see everyone once again for the weekend.

Great Lakes Leather Alliance