GLLA Michigan 2015 Contest Results

DETROIT, MI – This past weekend Menjo’s in Detroit hosted the GLLA Michigan contest. Formerly know as the MILSB Contest, GLLA Michigan this year hosted the Ms Michigan Leather, Michigan Leather boy, & Michigan Community Bootblack contests.

This years contest was judged by International LeatherSIR 2014, Sir Mark; Mr. Michigan Leather 2015, Josh Fortuna; Great Lakes LeatherSIR 2014, Sir Jim; GLLA MI slave 2014 & Great Lakes Power Exchange 2015, Niki; & Ohio Bootblack 2014, Bootblack Zach. The Emcee for the contest was Great Lakes LeatherSIR 2013, Sir Papa Bear and the Producer for GLLA Michigan is Great Lakes LetherSIR 2009-20011, Sir Merrill

This year there was just one person competing for each title. The way that works is they have to compete against points and score at least a 70%. While that may seem easier that competing against another person, many past contestants have told this reporter that it actually is more stressful being that if you were not to win, there would be nothing to blame other than your own performance.

Competing for Ms Michgan Leather was Mistress Asteria, competing for Michigan Leatherboy was boy Bradley, & competing for Michigan Community Bootblack was Elisa. All three of these contestants managed to surpass the 70% mark and become the new Michigan Titleholder. They will go on to compete at Great Lakes Leather Alliance in Indianapolis in October.

Also this weekend seen the step down of the Michigan Master & slave couple, Sir Travis & Niki. They spoke of the family who supported them over the past year as they competed at GLLA, Great Lakes Power Exchange, & International Power Exchange.

The Executive Director of GLLA, Miss Kendra was in attendance this weekend and auctioned off two tickets to GLLA Weekend. The funds from this auction went to the Title Holder travel fund.