GLLA Condemns Indiana’s SB-101

GLLA 2015INDIANAPOLIS – Great Lakes Leather Alliance (GLLA), which holds its annual event in Indianapolis, has released a statement condemning the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” signed yesterday by Gov. Mike Pence (R).

Great Lakes Leather Alliance strongly condemns The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (SB 101) recently signed into law by Governor Pence. We are working with and supporting The Freedom Indiana Team in our fight against this law and any law that discriminates. Since 2002, GLLA has worked to create and sustain an environment that is welcoming to every member of our community, and this year’s event will be no different.

“As we join with others outraged by this legislation, we recommit ourselves to our mission and its emphasis on protecting our freedom of expression. Due to existing contractual obligations, this year’s event must go on as scheduled. We are having GLLA 2015 at a location that has previously hosted events for the LGBT community and we feel that GLLA has been treated well by our event location and will continue to be treated well. We hope that you all will stand with us and help us fight this and any other laws that discriminate. We will continue offering the same welcoming event for which we are known,” GLLA Executive Director Ms. Kendra stated.

Since the bill was signed, there has been a push for a boycott of all Indiana businesses and events. Already, gamer convention GenCon and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) have announced plans to move their events. GLLA is the largest leather community event held in Indiana.

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