GLLA announces GLLA Weekend Education Program

INDIANAPOLIS — As Great Lakes Leather Alliance prepares to celebrate its 15th year, its Board of Directors is also excited about unveiling a new opportunity for GLLA Weekend attendees: the GLLA Education Program.

What is the GLLA Education Program?

This year, GLLA will begin a five-year program that encourages GLLA Weekend attendees to get a little out of their comfort zones and attend skills workshops, discussion panels and classes they might not normally consider participating in as they fill up their weekend’s dance card…and, hopefully, attendees who choose to try the Education Program during GLLA Weekend and attend the Program’s courses learn something new about the community, meet and learn from new teachers/mentors, and, perhaps gain a few new experiences that teach them about personal kinks that they may not have known about or explored (but are now hungry to try!) unless they were motivated to “Explore More” via the Education Program.

How Does The GLLA Education Program Work?

For the next five years, each year’s GLLA workshop roster will include eight courses that are open to all attendees and qualify as part of the GLLA Education Program. An attendee need only to attend four of the eight course options throughout the weekend in order to meet that year’s GLLA Education Program goals. The GLLA Education Program will have new options each year, and those options will include courses that focus upon history, relationships, the titleholder system, and panel discussions.  Attendees are not obligated to participate in the education program and, if they participate in the education program one year, they are not obligated to continue in the education program in future years unless they choose to continue the GLLA Education Program’s journey.

At the end of GLLA weekend, those who attended four of the Program’s courses are eligible to receive an embroidered patch that represents the personal accomplishment they achieved over the weekend. The patch cost is $5.00 (which covers the patch’s production cost), and it is only available to those who complete one year of the GLLA Education Program.  The first year patch for the GLLA Education Program is an embroidered GLLA globe, and the second through fifth year patches are embroidered Leather-pride color rockers that are designed to surround the GLLA Globe.

Why Is GLLA Offering The Education Program?

“The GLLA Education Program can further educate and broaden an attendee’s spectrum,” says Ms Kendra, GLLA Co-Founder and Executive Director, and a Leatherwoman who’s been active in the Leather community since 1982.  “It places importance on education with a teacher and brings back some of the foundations of Leather and kink events by encouraging learning through personal interaction with one another, rather than trying to learn something by just reading or watching something online.  Many need to feel like they’re working toward something, so I think people are thirsty for something like this.”

Questions regarding the new GLLA Education Program can be sent to

Great Lakes Weekend is October 13-16, 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana. More information about GLLA Weekend and GLLA’s skills workshops, discussion panels and classes can be found at