GLLA announces 2016 weekend keynote speaker: Sir Ernie


GLLA 2016 Keynote Speaker Sir Ernie

INDIANAPOLIS — The Great Lakes Leather Alliance (GLLA) announces that one of this year’s brunch keynote speakers will be Mr. 501 Eagle 2010 and Indiana Leather Sir 2012 & 13 Sir Ernie.

Sir Ernie has been active in the Great Lakes community since 2003.  As a kinky Leatherman, Sir Ernie’s community participation in gay and pansexual Leather and kink organizations and events is diverse. He has helped grow the Tri-State Leather/Rubber/Pup communities, judged many contests across the Great Lakes region, helped organize the Tri-State Annual Leather Camping weekend at Stag Run Campgrounds (Mauckport, IN), and he’s presented on an array of topics that range from Gay Leather history to workshops on fire play and flogging.

Currently, Sir Ernie serves as DM co-chair for Kinky Kollege, and, as a resident of Danville, Illinois, he actively works with several of his local kink groups to build bridges and lines of communication so that the Central Illinois region has expanded knowledge and skills, and so it has greater connections with the larger Leather and kink lifestyle community. Sir Ernie is also the creator of the “Respect” logo (designed by Brian “Bolt” Donner) that celebrates Pride and “Respect: All Roles, All Genders, All Identities.”

Now in its 15th year, GLLA Weekend creates space for individuals who identify as Leather, kink, BDSM, fetish and alternative sexualities so they can gather, celebrate community, and build bridges via workshops and special events. GLLA Weekend also produces regional contests such as Leather Sir, boy, Ms, Bootblack, Master/slave, and Pup/Trainer.

GLLA 2016 Weekend is October 13-16, 2016 in Indianapolis, IN USA.

For more information and to register for GLLA 2016 Weekend, please visit the GLLA website:

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