Gerber/Hart Library moves to Rogers Park

Gerber/Hart Library
Great news! We have now finalized plans to move to our new home. Gerber/Hart Library and Archives will soon be located in Clark Point Plaza at 6500 North Clark Street. We plan on moving at the end of April.
“In 1998 we moved to the Granville location knowing that we

6500 N Clark would eventually outgrow the space,” said Karen C. Sendziak, president of the library’s board of directors.” Our needs have changed and the library board feels that the time has come to move.”

Finding space that would accommodate the library’s current needs was not easy. Location, public transportation and parking space were critical to the decision. The library’s new home features 20 parking spaces and is across the street from a CTA bus turnaround for the #36 Broadway and #151 Sheridan buses.
6500 N ClarkCost of rent and maintenance were also factored into the building choice. “We were able to take advantage of the current market conditions to negotiate a rental agreement that’s superior economically,” said Don Landers, a library board member for Gerber/Hart. “The new location also brings Gerber/Hart into a cluster of LGBT-friendly businesses, which is another positive for driving traffic to the library.”

Foremost in deciding the new home is making sure the location can keep up with the changing needs of the library. The new space is being constructed to ensure the utmost fulfillment of Gerber/Hart’s mission as a library, an archives and a cultural center The space will offer a sitting area and a meeting room that also will serve as an exhibit gallery. Two rooms are being designed and constructed to protect and preserve the library’s archives and special collections.

The Gerber/Hart volunteers and library board members are now tasked with moving the thirty-one year old collection in a short amount of time. It is a challenging task, but not insurmountable.

We also have plans to announce this great news to the local community and media. Watch for our announcements in the near future!

There is much to do until the big move, so we ask for your patience and cooperation as we finalize the many details. We will keep you appraised of our progress via email and online. Gerber/Hart will remain open until shortly before the move.

Editor’s note: the new location also puts the Gerber/Hart Library two blocks away from the Leather Archives & Museum and one block north of Devon and Clark.