Generation Kink moves May Munch to new home.

Saint Louis, MO – Excitement in Saint Louis with the addition of Generation Kink now hosting their monthly munch at the Bad Dog Bar & Grill.

A little bit on Generation Kink from Jim Threadgill –
“When we (my ex wife & I) started Generation Kink we were fairly new to the BDSM scene and were finding out that there were a lot of people out there that were also fans and we wanted a way for them to meet and discover new people and things. Originally we were all about education regarding High Protocol BDSM but as the local Saint Louis scene evolved and we met more people we discovered that you can’t just lump everyone into BDSM and we became more about embracing whatever your Kink may be, be it BDSM, foot fetish, basic D/s relationships, etc. Now we celebrate our uniqueness by coming together once a month to all get together and talk shop about our favorite things in an accepting, non judgmental environment. We celebrate all facets of Kink, sex positivity, and love. We’ve been having our Munches (meet & greets) on the second Friday of the month for about two years now and hope to continue it for the foreseeable future. When we have a venue for it we have demonstrations of different things like Dry ice play, cold branding, flogging, fire play when an expert in the field is available. other times we just get together for fun like our Annual Bubblewrap and Tequila party, a trip to the wineries, and even the City Museum. To sum it up we’re just a fun drama free bunch of people who like to get together and have a great time and learn new things and it seems every month there are new people coming in to see what we’re all about.”

Generation Kink’s May Munch will be at the Bad Dog Bar & Grill, 3960 Chouteau Ave, Saint Louis, MO starting at 630pm tomorrow 5/10 in the LURE section of the Bad Dog

Gen Kink