GD2 Will Be Packed This Weekend!

Jerith and Wilson
Galleria Domain 2

CHICAGO – GD2 is open for play parties for attendees, members, and their guests on Friday and Saturday.
, Apr. 20, 2012

Club Open for Play from 8 P.M. – 3 A.M.
On Friday night we will be open for members, their guests, and Risk and Reward attendees. Come out and start your weekend off with a great scene in one of our 3 distinct play spaces. If you are an existing member, come meet the Risk and Reward attendees and see some of the wonderful and erotic edge play scenes that get them going!

Risk and Reward Meet and Greet 10 P.M.
Risk and Reward Attendees Only
On Friday night we will kick of the event with a fun Meet & Greet from 10PM-10:30PM Grab a drink from our dry bar and join us in Turmoil as we introduce Fifth Angel and open the room for socializing. Meet your fellow Risk and Reward Attendees and talk about all things edge play.

Book Signing 10:30 P.M.
Risk and Reward Attendees Only
Besides being a creative and intense sadist, Fifth Angel is also the other of The Finer Points of Pain and Pleasure and Your Pain, My Pleasure: Inside the Mind of a Sexual Sadist. In addition, he’s contributed to The Ultimate Guide to Kink: BDSM Role Play and the Erotic Edge. He will have limited copies of these books for sale and you can also bring your own copy to be autographed.

Saturday, Apr. 21, 2012
Risk and Reward Intensive from 10 A.M. – 5:30 P.M.
Risk and Reward Attendees Only
GD2 is THE place to be on Saturday. We will have a full day of edgy classes like Extreme Sadism and Creating a Medical Nightmare with world-class educator Fifth Angel, and an Unstructured You-Call-It Edge Play Intensive.

Edge Play Party 8 P.M. – 3 A.M.
What is an edge play event without the opportunity to get down, dirty, and dangerous with your friends and partners? Join us on Saturday night as we turn up the thumping music in Turmoil and Serenity and explore our darkest fantasies. Come show us what your edge play looks like or watch other find their own edge at this exciting and intense event.

Sunday, Apr. 22, 2012
Risk and Reward Intensive from 10 A.M. – 5:30 P.M.
Risk and Reward Attendees Only
Sunday is another day full of classes at GD2! We will have two classes presented by Fifth Angel – a discussion and demo on The Finer Points of Pain and Pleasure followed by a class on Breaking the Mold. We will end the day with a symposium on the Ethics and Realities of Edge Play.

Interested in attending Risk and Reward? Find registration information here!
Reprinted with permission