GD2 Weekend Recap and Upcoming Events

Galleria Domain 2 – FetLife

What do 30+ riggers, 20 or so doms, switches, and subs, 50 people in candlelight, and 75+ polyamorists have in common? They were all at GD2 this past weekend!

A couple of weekends ago, nearly 130 people came through GD2’s doors for socializing, education, and more. This past weekend topped it, with over 170 people coming out to GD2 for for a great time.
With Bound to Learn on Friday, Saturday’s Roundtable discussion/support groups and our Do It in the Dark play party, and GD2 hosting the Chicago Polyamory Meetup Group’s pizza social on Sunday, people just couldn’t stay away and came out for the best Chicago’s kinky communities have to offer.

Bound to Learn, a peer rope workshop centered or collaboration, creativity, and organic learning, brings together rope enthusiasts of all kinds and all levels of experience. It is open to GD2 members only, so if you have an interest in rope, join GD2 and jump right in! Not only will you be able to take advantage of Bound to Learn, you’ll be able to attend all members-only events at GD2 and come to the club any Friday or Saturday night.

The Roundtables, co-sponsored with LRA, are discussion and support groups for people who identify as or are curious about what it means to be a top/dominant/Mistress/Master, bottom/submissive/slave, switch, or some variation thereof. They are a great opportunity for people of all levels of experience to share perspectives, learn from each other, and discover more about themselves and our broader kinky communities. Want to be a part of it? Come out to the next one!

Saturday was our Do It in the Dark party for GD2 members, with all but a few lights turned out and the rest of the club illuminated by candlelight. The atmosphere was charged, erotic, and dark, with all kinds of play and, of course, lots of socializing. Whether you like your BDSM sensual and sweet or sadistic and edgy, our members took advantage of the opportunity to break the mold and get creative!

Sunday, GD2 continued its commitment to kinky communities by hosting a pizza social organized by the Chicago Polyamory Meetup Group (CPMG). RSVP’s through CPMG maxed out within a day or two, but as always, there are perks to GD2 membership: spaces reserved just for GD2 members. It was a fantastic social and we look forward to doing more to serve our communities.

  • If you appreciate the company of kinky people…
  • If you want to share your passion for BDSM in any of its incarnations…
  • If you are just curious or just getting started and want to learn and see more…
  • If you want to become a part of the excitement…
  • If you want to help build resources for kinky communities in Chicago…
  • If you support GD2’s mission…

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GD2 Open for members and their guests
GD2 is open for our members and guests to engage and explore in the ways they can only at GD2.
GD2 welcomes TNGC
Join us as GD2 and our members welcome people from TNGC come out to GD2 in force. We are expecting a BIG turnout, so if you’re a member, come on out! It is members only, so if you want to join in the fun, read up about membership and get your Trial, Regular or Platinum membership applications in by Wednesday!
Intro to GD2
Want to know more about GD2? Join us for Intro to GD2, where you can ask us anything you’d like and learn all you can about GD2!
LGBTQ Meet & Greet
Are you LGBTQ and kinky? GD2 has the meet and greet for you! Starting at 3:30 PM, come out to spend time with others who are LGBTQ and kinky.
Friday, April 20 – Sunday, April 22
Risk and Reward
Come to GD2 for Risk and Reward, a weekend of instruction, education, and play for people who love edgeplay, in all its forms. Risk and Reward features Fifth Angel, a nationally renowned BDSM edgeplayer, sadism educator, and author from Colorado. Risk & Reward is a rare, unique opportunity for those with a penchant for challenging, edgy scenes.
Registration is limited to 65 people, so register now!