GD2 Skills Lab: Mummification, Dec. 18

CHICAGO — Interested in learning a new skill? If so, the Skills Lab series at GD2 is a great place to start! We give you an opportunity to try a new technique in a small educational setting with an experienced practitioner.

About This Skills Lab

GD2 is excited to welcome back Kat and Dhyana for their class Wrap it Up: Practical and Fun Mummification Bondage. Have you ever wanted to tightly encase a person in plastic wrap from head to toe? Confine them in vet wrap so they can’t move? Look at their body writing helplessly on the floor? If so, Mummification might just be for you!

Mummification can be an incredibly surreal experience involving restraint and sensory deprivation. In this class, Kat and Dhyana will cover techniques and information you need to know to help you mummify someone from head to toe. In addition, they will cover a few “fun” suggestions to take things up a notch. You’ll get hands on lessons in how to wrap and unwrap a person for tight, all over bondage.

Members Only, Attendance Limit, RSVP Required

This skills lab is open only to GD2 members and guests paired with a member. Because of the hands on nature of this class, attendance is limited to 8 pairs of people arranged as tops/bottoms (16 people total). You are encouraged to find your own partner but we will attempt to help you find someone if needed.

This is an experiential workshop, not a scene, so a pair need not be a couple romantically or otherwise involved in any way, just willing to top or bottom to practice basic techniques.

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