GD2 Responds to Questions after Detroit ‘Debauchery’

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Reprinted with permission

CHICAGO – Recently, we have received some questions about the many issues raised by the situation in Detroit involving Deviations and Channel 4. To briefly address some of the questions:
GD2 will take any and all steps necessary, including litigation, to protect the club and our members. GD2 is structured the way it is as a private, members-only club to provide maximum security and protection for the club and its members.

For those interested in more detail:

  • What GD2 would or would not do in a similar situation would depend on the specific facts of the case. However, if litigation were the most effective way to protect the interests of GD2 and its members, we would not hesitate to engage in appropriate legal action, whether based in tort, privacy, or intellectual property, including, if necessary, expedited preliminary relief to prevent anticipated violations of law or contract.
  • The privacy and confidentiality of our members is of paramount importance to GD2, and in any response to a similar situation, whether through litigation or otherwise, we would not compromise that privacy and confidentiality (e.g., through agreed or court mandated protective orders). Period.
  • GD2 currently possesses and will continue to further develop the resources necessary to protect the club and our members. The resources to do so are the direct result of membership dues. The more members we have, the more people our members have to interact with, the more we can offer our members, the more resources we have to protect our members.
  • There are substantial legal and regulatory protections for GD2 as an organization and for our members individually due to GD2 being a 501(c)(7), private, members-only organization. These protections include protections of privacy, exemption from certain regulatory schemes, and others that arise from being able to prove, with specific policies and procedures recognized by law, that we are a private, members-only organization.

If anyone would like to discuss the issue further, please contact me at