CHICAGO – Interested in learning a new skill? If so, the Skills Lab series at GD2 is a great place to start! We give you an opportunity to try a new technique in a small educational setting with an experienced practitioner.

About This Skills Lab

Knives are some of the most versatile toys available. They can be sensual or sadistic, instruments of control and fear or primal claws to rend our prey. They can be as scary to the top as the bottom. During this skills lab, you will learn all about knives and how to employ them with confidence, no matter how you are using them.

Bydarra will discuss a variety of topics related to knife play, including safety, anatomy, and construction. In addition, he will lead attendees through a hands on practice session for techniques.

If you are interested in wielding a knife in your scenes, please join us to learn more!

What You Need to Bring

Attendees should bring their own knives for this class.

About Bydarra

In his own words: Education is my passion. There’s nothing that equals the charge I get when I learn something new or share something with someone else. It led me to study education in college and continue long after my career led me into IT. I’ve presented since 2005 all over the US on topics ranging from hands-on fire play to relationship topics but I have a special interest in teaching the basics. I’m retired from the workforce and traveling the world so I’m always on the lookout for groups and events where I can indulge my love of learning.


Members Only, Attendance Limit, RSVP Required

This skills lab is open only to GD2 members and guests paired with a member. Because of the hands on nature of this class, attendance is limited to 8 pairs of people arranged as tops/bottoms (16 people total). You are encouraged to find your own partner but we will attempt to help you find someone if needed.

This is an experiential workshop, not a scene, so a pair need not be a couple romantically or otherwise involved in any way, just willing to top or bottom to practice basic techniques.


You are required to RSVP to with your first name and your membership number. Please also include the name of the person you will be paired with or let us know that you would like us to try to pair you up with someone.

RSVP’s will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

Given the level of interest in our skills labs please a) RSVP ASAP if you want to come because it’s going to fill up quickly, and b) do not RSVP unless you are sure you will be there.


Hands-on Knife Play
A GD2 Skills Lab

Friday, August 8, 2014
9 P.M. – 10:30 P.M.

Galleria Domain Two (GD2)
Chicago, Illinois

Open to Members
Limited to 8 Top/Bottom Pairs
RSVP Required

Please RSVP to with your first name and your membership number.

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