GD2 – What is Leather w/ Lady Elsa, Sat., Sept. 10

CHICAGO — GD2 is excited to announce the return of Lady Elsa from Indianapolis. Lady Elsa’s classes are insightful and informative, and we’re eager to hear her speak. Join us to welcome her as she teaches us all about Leather.

For many kinky people, the term “Leather” is a mystery. Who are Leather folk, and why do they choose that identification? What are the core values and markers of the Leather community? Can heterosexuals identify as Leather? In this class you’ll learn how the modern Leather community evolved, and about some of its rituals, etiquette, and traditions, such as earned and gifted leather, Muir caps, backpatch clubs, and flagging. Vick, the current Indiana Ms. Leather Pride, will be joining the discussion to touch on leather contests and titles.


Lady Elsa is a femme leatherdyke with a passion for kink education. She is proud to have served as half of the very first International Power Exchange couple in 2012, and has traveled all over the country talking and teaching about healthy power exchange relationships. She currently serves as Education Coordinator for Great Lakes Leather Alliance and co-producer of Great Lakes Power Exchange. In her local Indianapolis community, she is the leader and co-founder of Andromeda, a group for kinky women, and has held many leadership positions in NLA Indianapolis.

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