GD2 Film Screening: Graphic Sexual Horror, Fri., July 27

CHICAGO – We at GD2 are excited to announce a new piece of equipment for the club.  Is it a St. Andrew’s Cross?  No.  A new spanking bench?  Not even close!  What is it you ask?  A movie screen – and we are going to put it to good use!

For our inaugural film we will be showing Graphic Sexual Horror, a documentary about BDSM porn megaproducer Insex.

From IMDB:

Graphic Sexual Horror takes a peek behind the terrifying facade of the most notorious of bondage websites, exploring the dark mind of its artistic creator and asking hard questions about personal responsibility. Interviews reveal deep fascinations with bondage and sadomasochism that run parallel, and in fact become irreversibly entwined with, the lure of money.

This documentary, directed by Anna Lorentzon and Barbara Bell, is both provocative and disturbing, and was the winner of the Best Documentary at the 2009 CineKink Film Festival.

We will watch the movie and then discuss its implications and our impressions afterwards.

We’ll have chairs set up, but feel free to bring pillows if you want to prop yourself up on the floor.

This event is for members and their guests.  The remainder of the club will be available for play.


Film Screening: Graphic Sexual Horror

Friday, July 27, 2012 10:00 p.m.

Galleria Domain Two ( GD2 ) Chicago, Illinois

Open to Members and Their Guests


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Galleria Domain 2
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