Galleria Domain 2: Negotiations with W0ndercunt, Feb. 11

CHICAGO — We’ve heard great things about W0ndercunt’s classes, and are excited to welcome her to GD2 for an illuminating class.

Unsure how to navigate boundaries in a community full of people who seem to have it together? Confused about how to get the most out of your pre-scene discussion? Concerned playing with someone may result in calamity? Never fear! Learn practical tips and strategies for having the conversation, interaction, or scene experience you desire.


W0ndercunt is a sex-positive switch from Northeast Ohio who has shared her knowledge, passion, and excitement about all things kink-related since 2008. She teaches on consent, boundaries, role play, and relationship dynamics. W0ndercunt is the Commanding Officer and Head Badger In Charge of TeamHoneyBadger, an edgeplay-positive household.

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