Gag-O-Rama @ GD2, Fri., Apr. 6

Galleria Domain 2-FetLife

Skills Lab: Gags
Do you want to see if a ball gag is more effective than a ring gag? Want to find out if a bit gag feels better than a cleave? Have you seen others wear spider gags but you aren’t sure how to use them or where to buy them? If so, this skills lab is for you!

Leon von Monkey Fetish has a large gag collection — and we do mean large! During the Skills Lab series at GD2 we give you an opportunity to try a new technique in an educational setting with an experienced practitioner. He is going to bust out all the different gags he has and talk about the difference between each, show you how to use them, talk about where to buy gags, and best of all let you try them on yourself or a partner!

We’ll provide the supplies – including wraps to be used on each gag for sanitary purposes. Feel free to bring your own gags to pass around after class!

Because of the hands on nature of this class, we are limiting attendance to 35 people.
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We’ve received questions recently about why our play events are not open to anyone who wants to come. For legal and regulatory reasons, events of this type must be limited to members and their guests.

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Friday, April 6, 2012
10:00 P.M.
Galleria Domain Two ( GD2 )
Chicago, Illinois
Open to Members and Their Guests
RSVP Required
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