Fundraiser To Be Done at GLLA

Sir Bear
Leather Titleholders

SirBear Abbot

CHICAGO – Alright guys and gals, enough is enough. LOL Yes, the rumors you’ve been hearing about me are true. At GLLA, this August, for no less than $2,000 will the Great Lakes LeatherSIR2010, SirBear Abbott, “Mama’s Seven Eleven” will shave his facial hair and put on a dress at Miss Constance’s Basket auction on Sat. And, for and no less than $2,500 you will get a show for your money. Funny, being covered as a Master on Friday and possibly in a dress on Sat. What a life!

The proceeds of this event goes, half to the winner’s Travel Fund, and the other half to PozPets, bringing affordable pet care and nutrition to the pets of HIV infected people.

If you would like to donate and see me in that dress, I have a PayPal account set up. type my email addy:, enter amount, click personal tab, then click gift or other.

Thank you “family,” so much, for helping me raise so much money for two such wonderful causes!