Fundraiser for St. Louis Community Member

ST. LOUIS – The husband of longtime community member and former Great Lakes Puppy Handler Mistress Simone was recently in a serious motorcycle accident. He is recovering, but the surgery has proven to be much more expensive than they expected or can afford. They are currently asking the community for assistance in raising the money to pay for the  $23,000 in surgery and physical therapy he needs. From the fundraising site:

As many of you know, on June 2nd, John was out doing one of his great passions: riding his motorcycle. In a sharp more than 90 degree turn, the front end started to wobble. Regaining control of the front, the back then began to wobble. Going down John landed on his left side and slid about 25 feet. Typical John fashion, he tried to get up and remove his helmet. Upon arrival at the hospital, it was discovered he had broken his left clavicle. A very painful and hard to repair bone break. Surgery is required to make sure the bone heals properly.

Anyone who has encountered John has seen his vivacious energy for life, laughter and his motorcycles. This injury will not only cost them over 10k ,which they do not have, but leaves John unable to work either as a rigger/stagehand or in the plant. Between the Emergency room, medical bills, upcoming needed therapy, and lost wages, it adds up. While not life threatening, it is disabling in other ways. Savings are not enough to cover even half. With limited income, their bills will mount up. As both he and Glenna are self-employed, they have gone the route of many Americans and lived without the ridiculous cost of insurance.

Those that know both John and Glenna will understand how hard it is for either of them to ask for assistance. Both much prefer giving it. Whatever help our friends and family can offer would be eternally appreciated.

“The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered there is opportunity for growth.”

Friends and community members can contribute here. Every bit will help defray the costs.