Fund Raiser for Boy John

One of the things I love most about this community is that when you find your niche, cliché or family we tend to stick together and support eachMc other through the good and the bad. Boy John has been a large part of the Indianapolis community for over ten years now. You will find him out at many events from greeting new people at the IYK slosh to investing his time and efforts in the local Leather Community of which he has been a part of for over ten years.

He is actively involved in many efforts involving the LGBT community here in Indianapolis and at the local 501 Eagle. John is also a member of KISS Kinky Indiana Slaves, Submissives and Switches; John not only serves as a member but as one of the leaders for the group.

Outside of being involved in a lot of the local groups within the community John serves as the producer and or Co-Producer for many of the local and regional contests. He is the Producer of Great Lakes Olympus Leather and the Co-Producer for Great Lakes Power Exchange Contest. John also helps head up the committee for Indiana Ms. Leather, Mr. Indiana Leather, and Indiana Master/slave. He hopes to add a boot black contest within the next year. John loves his community and sees the community as an extended part of his family.

For the past 5 years John has taken care of his mother through her illness and trials and was able to introduce and share her with extended family in the local community. Many people in community have had the time to get to know Laura and learn to love her, as she so graciously accepted us to share her life. Laura was a selfless loving mother who knew exactly who her son was, his lifestyle and friend and accepted him and us, making us a part of her family.

This past year in December John’s mom lost her fight against illness and it was rather a sudden turn although she had been sick for a long time. John always accepted and dealt with her illness taking the burden upon himself to care for her. Laura had just spent time in a rehabilitation hospital for a couple months to regain her strength and independence while in rehab. This was the goal, while there she was informed she also had cancer, this was seen as just one more obstacle to overcome.

John prepared for her to have her own apartment to move into once she was released. Rehab was a bit of tough love but something that John knew would help his mom regain her independence, this was an important step for both of them. Within two weeks of moving into her new apartment, and after a month of rehab. Laura developed a common cold which for someone her age and health turned into pneumonia. After a short stay in the hospital she was released to come home to her new apartment and within days was back in the hospital for the last time. This time things took a turn for the worse and Laura lost strength from day to day but always held out hope of a happy ending. Laura was conscious and alert the last day of her life which in many ways only made the loss much more heart breaking for John and everyone who surrounded him.

Laura passed away on Christmas Night while many of us were enjoying our families, John was saying goodbye to the last of his.

With the loss of his mother, the time lost from work due to her illness, hospitalization and subsequent death and expense that comes with death. John has been struggling. A week after his mother death the furnace motor went out and that cost a thousand dollars to fix. John is struggling to get through the financial hardships that he is facing all the while keeping up his commitments to various local groups and community that is now more than ever his only family.

I had recently asked Ms. Kendra’s help in planning a fund raising dinner for John and after much effort we found that it would cost more to rent a place to host a dinner and plan a menu than it would to just reach out into the community to John’s family and friends and ask for help. That is what we are doing now.

For auction we received two tickets to Beyond Leather as part of raising funds for at the dinner and have decided to auction them off online. Beyond Leather is an annual event held in Ft Lauderdale Florida every year and one of the best events of the year. You can find information for Beyond Leather at ( It is being held April 4th to April 7th , 2013 and host two International competitions. International Power Exchange and International Pony Play Championships. This is one of the best events in the country. The classes are very diverse and sometimes unique, the people and food are excellent. I would recommend this event as being one of the top ones to attend every year.Sir Top and slave bonnie are exceptional hosts and the staff that works to pull this event and contest together are among the best.

Tickets for Beyond Leather are $200.00 dollars per person The event link can be found at ( I am proud to say that this year we have a large group of people from Indiana attending the event and I look forward to seeing each and every one of you there.

As for the online auction we have two tickets compliments of Sir Top and slave bonnie. These tickets will be up for action until February 17th at midnight. Sir_Dennis is serving as our online auctioneer, his profile can be found at ( If you would like to bid on these tickets then there are a couple ways you can do this.

You can send a max bid amount to Sir_Dennis if you are not on Fetlife very much but would like to keep up with auction. You can also send a bid by bid to him via message on Fetlife. If you are out bid then you will be contacted so you have the chance to bid again on the registrations. If you send a max bid if and when that amount is exceeded you will be contacted. Bids will increase in ten dollar increments. Bids will only be accepted via Fetlife message and this is the way you will be contacted concerning anything to do with the auction.

Max bidding – If you have a max bid of 400.00 which is the face value for the registrations and the bidding ends at the prescribed date and time with a max bid of 90.00 then the cost to you would be 100.00. If you are bidding per bid then you will be notified if you are outbid. However you will NOT be notified as to what the max bid maybe at any time. All bids are private.

If you win the auction you will be notified via Fetlife message you have three ways to pay for your bid. You can pay via PayPal instructions will be given if you choose this option. You can mail a physical check or money order, you will be given the address to mail in a check or money order which needs to specify in the memo section for Beyond Leather Registration. You can also pay in person.

You must respond to Sir_Dennis with the type of payment within 48 hour. If payment has not cleared within 72 hours or 1 week if mailing a physical check or money order the tickets will go to the next bidder who would have won As I stated earlier this was meant to be a fund raising dinner with an auction until we discovered it would cost more to rent a place and cover the cost of food than the funds we might have been able to raise. So we have decided to have the online auction and fund raiser to maximize the amount of money that will go directly to John to help him at this time. We ask that any person/s or groups who wish to contribute do so in the following ways.

Below are events that Sir Jason, april {beauty},Girl_Katt or Sir_Dennis will be attending if you wish to make a cash donation you can do so at any of the following events by giving those donations to one of the individuals listed above.

  • January 26th KISS Bingo
  • January 27th KISS Munch
  • February 1st Indy Slosh & GLPE Meet and Greet
  • February 2nd GLPE Contest
  • February 4th IYK Slosh
  • February 9th Beat My Valentine
  • February 17th IMAS Munch
  • February 18th IYK Slosh
  • February 22nd KISS Retreat

You can contribute by check or money order by sending donations to GLLA, P. O. Box 1232, Indianapolis, IN. 46206 If you choose this option please make sure that the check or money order is addressed to John for his full name please message me. This will make it much easier to get the funds to John without it being entangled in any groups funding. We are only providing an address and want to ensure you that 100% of the funds are going directly to Boy John.

You can make a contribution via Pay Pal by contacting me directly via Fetlife message at which time I will provide you with the Pay Pal information. The KISS Retreat will be the end of the efforts to raise funds for Boy John.

Thank you all in advance for being supportive and helpful to one of our own at a critical time in his life.

Ms. Kendra
Girl Katt