Foot Fetish Fest at LRA-Chicago, May 19

CHICAGO — Join MasterSoNSo and many more for this Pedicurious Event! It runs 8pm- 2am during club hours.

Are you Pedicurious? Do you like feet? Shoes? Ticking? Sneakers? CFM shoes? Curious to explore feet with LRA members at Pansexual Foot Fetish Fest, happening on Friday May 19th. We are looking for kinksters “into giving” and “into receiving” and all areas in between! Come participate to get attention in all areas connected to Feet!

Bring your CFM, sweaty sneakers, or Leather Boots shoes to be worshipped. Get on your knees and lick. Come try on heels and hose. Be a human Footstool. Get you feet washes and toes sucked. Try Foot Massage (fragrance free lotions provided). Get your nail polish changed- (a variety of colors provided) Bring your own implements or come see what we have to share. Tops, bottoms, subs, slaves, sissies, Doms, Dommes, Sirs, boys, all doers of foot related kink welcome…

Lucky Shoe Lovers will be entered into the Shoe Fashion Contest: Secret Judges will Circulate looking for entries like: the Highest Heels, Most Colorful Designs, Most Dangerous Textures, Softest Leather, most Licked boots, etc..

Foot Fetish Fest is Open to Members and their invited guests.

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