Flog-a-Thon Fundraiser in Indy

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana kink community is planning a send-off for Slave Adeena, International Person of Leather 2017, as she gets ready to step down.

From Master LT:

International Person of Leather 2017 – Slave Adeena steps down in February. Let’s give her a good send off by raising money for her travel fund in a fun and kinky way.

Flog-a-Thon for Adeena
$10 gets you in the door and buys you ten tickets.
Purchase additional tickets for $1, 6 for $5, 15 for $10 or $20 gets you boots to balls or around the world.

Floggers and other implements will have a ticket price to be used. Tickets and games will be used to determine the number of swings.
Choose to be the top or the bottom. Choose your top or bottom.

Top and bottom volunteers needed!

“Raffle” and a “slave/Master Auction” (top and bottom volunteers needed – scenes will be negotiated between consenting parties)

Bring snacks and drinks to share.

This is a fundraiser! So bring plenty of cash!

To register: email MasterLTIndy@gmail.com with your legal name as it appears on your photo ID and your Fetlife name. The event address will be emailed to you prior to the event.

You can get tickets at Eventbrite and follow announcements on the Facebook event.