Float your Boat – WOLF RIVER TUBING with MAUL

MAUL TubingMILWAUKEE – Once again the Bears of MAUL and friends will be hitting the Wolf River for our great Tubing Extravaganza!

Join us again as we trek North for a weekend of relaxation on August 3rd and take a nice, slow drifting trip down the Wolf River up in New London, WI!

If you’d like to stay over Saturday night, bring a tent, sleeping bag, whatever ya like as Brian & Dan have again offered us a place to crash as well as another fine feast of brats, burgers and fixings after our river adventure! … We will be leaving Milwaukee in a caravan on Saturday 8/3/13 around 9AM with plans to start on the river no later than Noon! For those meeting us at the Wolf River Trips & Campgrounds site – look for a bunch of Bears sitting out enjoying a few beverages in the parking lot, Tailgate style! Also, please make things go faster by printing out your release form from the Wolf River webpage and have ready to go when you checkin on Saturday!

Cost of the trip: 14$ for a tube rental and 14$ for a cooler tube rental, and whatever gas $’s you chip into for your driver and to Chef Brian & Dan. Also, everyone is more than welcome to bring snacks!
A quick note on the cooler tubes – NO GLASS BOTTLES allowed but anything else goes… Take your Mike’s Hard Lemonade and transfer it to a sizable plastic water bottle… Or Jeremiah Weed Iced Tea concoctions… 😉 This always works VERY WELL and other folks on the river are more than willing to swap cans of different flavors!!!

The drop dead date for committing to this trip is July 31 so we can get a head count for Brian & Dan on food – Please confirm that you’re going and we’ll start arranging rides!

See the link below for more info: http://www.wolfrivertrips.com/wolfrivertrips/tubing/default.asp

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/397080327069039/?ref=2

Jp Kucera
Milwaukee Area Ursine League