Flint Education Munch presents – Playing with Sharp Objects, Feb. 15

FLINT — This Event is for EVERYONE. EVERYONE is Invited!

On Top:
Xeno is a lover of all things precise, but most of all the precision found in the edge of a knife. In this class, we will go over some safety and maintenance information, then explore the depth of connection to be found in this literal edge play. If you wish, feel free to bring a knife for yourself or a partner to share in the experience, but participation is not required.

From the bottom:
Sharp is a narcissist and insists this class is about her. She’s here to give you insight into bottoming for knives with sensitive skin and to look good while doing it.

This class will be taught by Xeno and Sharp_Object

Xeno is your friendly neighborhood sadist. His favorite kinks include rope, knife play, and reducing people to a stream of profanities as they process generous amounts of pain. As a strong advocate of direct communication and negotiation, he strives to promote responsible play at all intensity levels. Currently a board member for Tri-County TNG, he works hard to further corrupt the American youth and stoke the fires of debauchery.

Sharp_Object should be handled at your own risk. She has been actively rope bottoming for about a year, and she has a mouth that would make a sailor blush. Her primary interests include sadistic rope, impact, electricity, knife play, and being reduced to a stream of profanities as she processes generous amounts of pain. She is a major proponent of communicating limits and active bottoming, and she is currently active in the greater Detroit area.

Walli’s Family Restaurant
1341 Center Rd,
Burton, MI 48509

$2 per person for class
Plus cost of dinner or drink

This event is located in private room at the back of the restaurant. Ask the host for FEM group or walk in the front door, make a right to the main room, look left, the private rooms are at the back. Look for sign on the door that says FEM

Wednesday February 15th

Please let us know you’re coming by RSVPing. To RSVP —>CLICK HERE

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If you have any questions about the class, please email -Vexie- or Sadist_Zero

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Flint Educational Munch

This is a group dedicated to serving BDSM lifestylers and kinksters in Michigan through education and community service.

Etiquette for this Munch

Must be over 18. If you’re over 100 and still coming to munches, you must be OK with being my hero.

It is OK to go by your screen name only. One does not ask “is that your real name” better to ask “how would you like me to address you”.

This is low protocol, you are not expected to address others as Master or Mistress. (Unless that is apart of your personal relationship, please be discreet in doing so.) Sir and Ma’am are still polite ways to address people you do not know, but better to ask “Sir/Ma’am, how would you like me to address you?”.

If you’re a submissive, you’re not expected to be anything but courteous to anyone, unless you’ve expressly agreed to do so. If you’re a dominant, the only submissive you have a right to expect anything other than courtesy from is YOUR submissive. Don’t expect someone who is not employed by the establishment to fetch you a drink and submissives don’t feel compelled to offer to fetch anyone else a drink, unless you truly want to do so.

Be sure you have consent before touching anyone.

This is not a trolling ground for “fresh meat”. Do not treat it as such.

No fetish wear. Keep all your naughty bits covered. We don’t want to scare the vanillas.

We have a private room so we can discuss topics openly without offending the other patrons. However; even though the bar staff understands we are a kinky group talking about kinky topics, it’s not OK to involve the wait staff in our discussions. Please be discreet when they’re in the room.

Do Not Flirt With The Staff! Do not involve them with our conversation. Do not ask their opinions about kinky topics. They are there for one thing, to make a living.

This is NOT a play party, do not bring your toys, punish your partner or demonstrate other behavior that will call inappropriate attention to our group; but light D/s is always fun and in fashion. Please respect the Non-D/s patrons of this establishment with your actions and words by being discreet.

Do not take pictures or videos of others in our private room. You will be banned.

Everyone in attendance is responsible for placing their own orders and handling their own tabs.

If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable or does something inappropriate, please inform a host right away.