Flint Education Munch presents Humiliation on June 20

FLINT — The next Flint Education Munch will cover humiliation on Wednesday, June 20, in Burton, Mich.

From the Fetlife post:

This class is not for the timid!

Floggers, whips, and chains. Oh my… But why?

We often ask what do you want to do in a scene, the question that is rarely asked is why. Why do you want to be flogged? Why do you want to be whip? What do you want to feel? Now for everyone there is a different reason. Often, more times than not, we really don’t know or want to admit why we want something. However there are those who have a craving to feel weak, used, and humiliated, or want to make others feel that way. The goal of this class is to learn how to define, negotiation and execute a successful scene involving degradation and humiliation.

This class will be taught by _Kal_ & Just_A_Doll

Kal is just your local community sadist. He became active in our community in 2009. During that time he has presented for groups in Michigan. Presenting on rope, whips, pressure points, rough body play, humiliation and blood safety. He has passion for BDSM education and for being a kinky bastard.

Just_A_Doll aka Aimee has been around the Michigan community for almost three years. Aimee has been bottoming to Kal for a little over a year. Her love for emotional sadism and power exchange is what brought them together. Aimee loves to share her experience and passion for all types of play she partakes in.

Walli’s Family Restaurant
1341 Center Rd,
Burton, MI 48509

Google Maps shows a different name; that is the location.
{begins hypnotic spell} Trust in The Vexie 😛Cost:
$2 per person for class
Plus cost of dinner or drink

This event is located in private room at the back of the restaurant. Ask the host for FEM group or walk in the front door, make a right to the main room, look left, the private rooms are at the back. Look for sign on the door that says FEM

Wednesday June 20th

Please let us know you’re coming by RSVPing. To RSVP —>CLICK HERE

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