First Timer for Great Lakes Leather Alliance?


CHICAGO – For years now, members of LRA have been going to and been an active presence at GLLA (Great Lakes Leather Alliance). One of our Board Members, Riley Johnson, is a GLLA bootblack titleholder and involved in putting on the bootblack contest. Many LRA members also volunteer and present at GLLA, and once in recent years, we almost had to close the club down on that Friday because so many of us (Board and Members) were busy in Indianapolis at GLLA.

Well, if you have never gone before here’s your chance!

If you would like to go or are thinking about going, or wonder what all the fuss is about GLLA is, here’s an opportunity for you. There are Di scholarships available for GLLA “virgins”. You will need to fill out an application and applicants who receive this will be chosen by the Di Scholarship Committee. This years event runs from August 23 -26, 2012.

If you haven’t heard of it, check out the FL group or website below.

Who can fill out an application?
Anyone who has never attended GLLA is eligible.

What does this scholarship get me?
Your GLLA registration fee will be paid for. That’s worth $79.00.

What do you expect from me if I get this scholarship?
At least 6 hours of volunteering at GLLA and written recap of your GLLA experience.

Where do I get an application?
For the application, more details, and the why, please go to the GLLA website:, click on Event Information and then Di Scholarships.

When is the application due?
April 10, 2012