First Great Lakes Power Exchange Contest

INDIANAPOLIS – Great Lakes Power Exchange is a feeder contest for the International Power Exchange Contest sponsored by Beyond Leather. Beyond Leather created the International Power Exchange contest to cater to an assortment of power exchange dynamics and is not exclusive to leather. The International Power Exchange contest is an educational title for any power exchange pair/triad/poly/family. We are excited to reach out to all the diverse groups and dynamics within our communities.

IPE is open to all over 21 years of age regardless of gender or sexual preference, who have been in any power exchange dynamic for at least 1 year. Only 3 from a poly family may represent the family. A pair could enter as: Dominant/submissive, Femdom/submissive, Master/slave, Handler/puppy, Daddy or Mommy with a boi/boy/girl, Sir/Ma’am with a boi/boy/girl/little and the list goes on.

Great Lakes is proud to announce our support of International Power Exchange and to offer an opportunity for those in the local community who not necessary relate as Leather to represent their dynamic and community as Great Lakes Power Exchange Title Holders. It is expected that those who compete for and win the Great Lake Power Exchange Title will travel to Florida during Beyond Leather to compete for the International Power Exchange Title.

This is a teaching title and part of the contest will be giving a presentation on your dynamic that others can relate to and want to learn more about. It is up to you to be able to present your dynamic in a fresh, new and unique way that others can understand and relate to. “it is not about the validity of your dynamic but how you articulate it to others.” Sir Top.

Sir Top is the International Power Exchange Producer her slave bonnie is the contests co-producer both are extraordinary leaders in our community.

The first Great Lakes Power Exchange contest will be held on February 1st and 2nd at the 501 Eagle located here in Indianapolis Indiana. Information for the contestants is listed below. Once the website is up and running I will update this post with registration information. Between now and then if you have any question about the contest or if you are interested in running please send an email to Boy John at

All contestants must read and understand the qualifications for being a contestant.
The following are the rules for qualification and what is expected of the contestants.

1) You must be at least twenty‐one years old.
2) If you are awarded the Great Lakes Power Exchange Title you must be able to arrive at Beyond Leather no later than 4:00 pm on Thursday, April 4th 2013.
3) This contest is open to any pair/poly/triad that’s in a “power exchange” relationship for at least one year.
4) You must complete your required paperwork as outlined in the “Contestant Checklist” by the deadline. (This information will be updating in the near future)
5) You must be able to communicate and teach others on your specific power exchange dynamic.
6) You are not permitted to be under the influence of illegal drugs or an excessive amount of alcohol during any of the contest portions.“Excessive amount of alcohol” is subject to be determined at the discretion of the Beyond Leather Producers and the Contest Director.
7) You cannot have a current title that conflicts with the IPE contest or with the rules of your current title. If you hold a current title, contact the IPE contest director immediately to find out if you are still eligible to compete in the IPE contest.
8) You must agree to be photographed during the Great Lake Power Exchange Contest, these photos will be used for print and internet papers such as Letherati, The Chicago Den, Beyond Leather and Great Lakes contest websites.
9) You will be expected to wear contestant numbers at all times until the end of the contest
10) You will be expected to bring one (or more if possible) item or basket for the silent auction that benefits the contest winners travel fund. This item or basket must have a regular retail value of at least $200.If it is a basket of items and the total value is over $300, it is up to the discrepancy of the Contest Producer and silent auction coordinator to separate the items into smaller groups or to leave it as it is. You must provide a list of the items and their retail value.
11) You must not have any outstanding warrants either nationally or internationally of a felony conviction.
12) If you win you agree to attend Beyond Leather and be a Representative for the Great Lake Region and compete in the International Power Exchange Contest held during the event. You also agree to attend Great Lakes Leather Alliance in August 2013 and to march in the Indianapolis Pride Parade in the spring of 2013
13) If you win, you will agree to return to the Great Lakes Power Exchange next year and give a step down speech. You may be asked to help out in a volunteer position. You will be asked to bring an auction item to help raise a travel fund for your successors.
14) And, most of all, you will be expected to have fun!

As the winner of Great Lakes Power Exchange you may, depending on the funds raised during the contest have to organize a separate fund raiser between GLPE and IPE to ensure you have enough funds to cover traveling expenses. .

If this sounds like something you would be interested in finding out more about or a title you would like to compete for please fill out the application as indicated below or for general questions concerning the contest contact. (Links for application will be updated in the near future.)

We hope this contest is as new and exciting to you as it is for us. Remember you do not have to be Leather or have to have years of experience this contest is for you and about you the only criteria is the ability to make other believe in your dynamic as much as you do. I wish you all the best of luck and hope to see many new faces representing the community at the contest.