First Ever Cleveland Puppy Contest

The winners of the first Cleveland Puppy contest. (Photo by Bryce Desmond)

The winners of the first Cleveland Puppy contest. (Photo by Bryce Desmond)

CLEVELAND – Saturday, February 22nd, 2014, we had the first ever Cleveland Puppy Competition. With three contestants on the stage, the evening began. Each contestant gave it their all and it was quite the contest. All three pups did very well, and it was definitely unpredictable.

“Cleveland Puppy” is owned by Sir Ben Feathers, Mr. Cleveland Leather 2013-2014, and Founder of The PAAC(Cleveland’s very own pup pack), and His partner and PAAC Alpha, Pup Mjölnir. The judges were CB Kirby from NY, Daddy Gregg Lakota of Cleveland, Ohio, Master Noel Leboeuf, and Sir Marc Cartier, both of Toronto, Canada, and the tally master was Boy Greg of Cleveland, Ohio. The emcees were Sir Ben, Morgan Jeffrey(Mr. Leather Akron 2014), Pup Nibbles of Michigan, and Daddy Bryce (The PAAC Secretary, 2nd runner up Mr. Midwest Leather 2012, and Missouri Escort of the Year 2012).

The competition was held at Cocktail Daddies in Cleveland, Ohio and it was packed! Contestants were Pup Thunder and Pup Spotty, both of Cleveland, Ohio, and Pup Kaiju of Kent, Ohio. They went head to head starting at 10 pm, competing in Presentation/On Stage Question, Judge Interview, Pup Fantasy, and Community Question and Answer. I definitely would have hated to be one of the official judges, as it was very difficult to judge from the audience.

Pup Kaiju took home the title, Pup Spotty was his 1st runner up. The contestants all did amazingly well and did the community proud. Afterward, there was an amazing “Victory Mosh,” with somewhere between 10-15 pups. It was definitely a memorable evening and I look forward to seeing what Pup Kaiju has to bring to the table.