Fireside Friday: Single in the Scene – GD2

We will be hosting a Fireside Friday event at GD2 on Friday, January 27th with our very own Trystero.
This class will be an intimate look into the life of someone who has gone it alone in the Chicago BDSM community. Trystero will chat about what it is like to be single in the scene, answering questions such as:

  • How can I participate in events without a partner?
  • If you are a single submissive, how do you handle dominants who think you need to be topped outside of a scene?
  • What do I keep from feeling jealous of others with partners?
  • Is there a way to maintain my single lifestyle while finding occasional partners? What are some good boundaries to set up?
  • If I’m interested in finding a partner, how do I go about that?

These discussions, called Fireside Fridays, are interactive and provide members and their guests the opportunity to learn new information and talk about pertinent topics in a warm and friendly environment.