Fireside Friday: Service w/ Master Michael and Slave Angie, Fri., Oct. 25

GD2 LogoCHICAGO – Do you want to explore a Dominant and submissive relationship outside of a scene?  Does power exchange in every day life excite you?  Do you have fantasies about giving or receiving thoughtful service?  If so, come join us as we explore what it means to give and receive service in a long term 24/7 relationship!

This discussion covers topics such as:

1) How service evolves and changes in the long term;

2) Facing the challenges to service – ebbs/flows, life changes, relationship changes;

3) Upgrading the service relationship.

Master Michael and slave Angie share their experiences and lessons-learned from their nine year relationship throughout the discussion. It is not required that participants have experience in service-oriented relationships, but participation by those in such relationships is highly encouraged. Michael and Angie conduct this class as a discussion/workshop to encourage participants to share their experiences and ask questions.

GD2’s Fireside Friday are the perfect opportunity to explore academic and philosophical topics related to kink in an intimate setting. Members and their guests gather in the social area around the fireplace for an in-depth look at a compelling topic, which changes for each Fireside Friday. Interested in giving a Fireside Chat? Have a topic you would like to see discussed more? Send us an email at

About Master Michael& Slave Angie

Michael has been a leatherman since first attending demos and weekends at the old Leather Rose in Chicago during the mid 1990s. He spent the next few years learning everything he could about being a safe sadistic top, while discovering the Master and Leatherman within him. Angie dipped her toes into the waters of kink in the late 1990s and decided to dive into the deep end of the pool. She became Michael’s slave in 2003. They have spent the last nine years in exploration of a Master/slave dynamic with the foundation of love, leather, service and S/m.

Michael and Angie are very active in the Chicago leather/kink community. They are both full members of the Chicago Leather Club and serve as officers. Both are active members of the Greater Chicago MAsT (Master And slave Together) chapter. Michael and Angie have shared their experiences as Master/slave in classes, workshops, munches and MAsT meetings across the Great Lakes region. They are proud to hold the title of Illinois Master/slave 2013.

Michael currently serves as a community member of the Chicago Hellfire Club McAdory Committee. He is a co-founder of the newly formed Chicago Leathermen’s Group, a discussion group for leather and leather-curious men of Chicago. Angie served as a board member of the LRA Chicago from 2009 to 2012. She is an active supporter of the local Chicago bootblack community.

Michael jokingly (but accurately) calls himself the motorcycle riding/cigar smoking Master of a Slave-Femme-Puppy-Bootblack-Masochist, which Angie happily acknowledges she is. Angie loves to ride with Michael and keep active in service to her Master and community.


Service: Giving and Receiving 24/7 with Master Michael and Slave Angie GD2’s Fireside Friday

Friday, October 25, 2013 9:30 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.

Galleria Domain Two ( GD2 ) Chicago, Illinois

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