Firefighters Battle 3-Alarm Fire At Play House In Downtown Baltimore

Firefighters fighting the blaze at the Play House (Photo by WJZ-Baltimore)

BALTIMORE – Comments and reports are coming through Facebook and the web about this fire at the former home of the Baltimore Play House.The Play House’s website stated that the building had been closed since January 10 because of damage from Hurricane Sandy that hadn’t yet been repaired. The following notice was posted on the Play House’s Fetlife group:

Last night there was a fire at the old PlayHouse location. First and foremost, please be aware that everyone safe. We have been out of the location at N Calvert for over ten days. Play House was already engaged in acquiring a new location.

Over the years the building at Calvert had suffered much neglect. We had worked on many of the cosmetic issues. For the past year, we attempted to work with the property management on the structural issues, none of which were properly addressed.

In the past 24 months, a building which the owner had neglected, has suffered many recent disasters. Nature has given it an earthquake and a super storm. There were a two fires in the garage in the past six months or so. Building tags by graffiti artists began to appear last Fall.
Through it all we have worked diligently to keep a safe venue.

According to the news, last night’s fire gutted the building. The structure succumb to the fire as the roof collapsed and brick walls fell. Preliminary reports say that the roof cracked under the ice and caused an electrical fire

No one, civillian or firefighter, was injured in the blaze. The Baltimore fire department is well trained. From the experiences with the garage fires, we know their level of dedication and professionalism. Our thoughts are with them today, as the work tirelessly in the bitter cold.

Remember, as we come together, PlayHouse is not a building. It is a community of people, the memories, the things that bring us together in a common space.

Our ground team has been working diligently on a new space. A new home for new memories. Details will follow as arrangements are solidified.

As we work quietly and vigorously to create a minimal impact, know that it is the community we serve. It is what gives us the drive to pour our very souls into PlayHouse. We have been working tirelessly, for a long time, to give you the space to learn, to create, to grow, to make play happen. We hope that soon we can give you a new space for all those things and more.

Below is the link to the local news story on the fire.

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