Fight Over Facebook Names Continues

IML 2012 Woody Woodruff
IML 2012 Woody Woodruff

CHICAGO – Great Lakes Bootblack Marta was allowed back on to Facebook yesterday morning. However, as she came back, other community members were removed, the most high profile being IML 2012 Woody Woodruff.

His partner Pup Ryker posted this on Tuesday:

Ladies and Gents…my partner, Woody Woodruff has been booted off Facebook because the someone decided that Woody really wasn’t his name and reported it. Without talking to him, Facebook unilaterally shut off his account and has requested that Woody prove his name to them. Woody has submitted documents in his favor, yet Facebook is unrelenting.

Woody is how my partner has been referred to since he was a child. It’s his name, hands down. His employer, friends, family and his partners know him as Woody.

Please share this status and help get Woody back on Facebook!


While Woody, a Chicago resident, is the most high profile victim currently, large numbers of leather community members have also been caught in these actions. (Full disclosure: This writer is among that number and was kept off an account for three weeks until IDs were sent.) This is despite efforts by people in the bay area like Sister Roma to get Facebook to stop penalizing accounts that have been disproportionally in the kink, drag and minority communities.

Ryker said that they have given Facebook the requested identification and have been in contact with Sister Roma to act as an advocate with Facebook.

You can help by sharing Ryker’s post if you are on Facebook and by contacting Facebook and asking them to change the reporting system and stop penalizing accounts for the names that people use.