FetLife Connection for Duo Charged with Murder

This article was first published at Leatherati. Used with permission.

SARNIA, Ont. – We’re following a breaking news story regarding Noelle Paquette, a Southwest Ontario schoolteacher who disappeared on New Years Eve and who’s body was subsequently found on January 2nd.  Police allege that she was murdered.

The reason we’re following this story has less to do with the victim and more to do with the two individuals who have been charged with first degree murder in connection with the case.  Michael MacGregor, 19, and Tanya Bogdanovich, 31, both of Sarnia, Ont., allegedly were connected to each other through FetLife.  Investigators have uncovered messages and postings by MacGregor and Bogdanovich that they say depicted violent abduction and rape fantasies.

An autopsy and investigation is under way and police have not released a cause of death.  However, the inference in the news reporting surrounding the case is clear that there is a connection between the accused duo’s reported abduction and rape fantasies and the alleged murder of Paquette.

That may very well be the case, however headlines like this from the Barrie Examiner: Murder accused appear linked to violent fetish website, are helping to reinforce the belief that BDSM activities are dangerous and psychotic.

Lost in the sensationlism is the fact that 1) a cause of death hasn’t been determined or at the very least not released, and 2) the accused are just that…accused and not convicted.

Sadly, people are murdered every day and our thoughts go out to the deceased’s family.  Unfortunately, it may prove out that there was a connection between the online activities of the two people charged with the murder.  We’ll continue to follow the story and report as more details become available.