Fetish February in Iowa – Week One: Bar Crawl and Kink U

Pup Lucky, Daddy Don and host Jeremy Morris during Fetish February in Des Moines. (All photos by Matt Hengle)

DES MOINES – With the outside temperatures in single digits who knew such a hot weekend would be found in Des Moines Iowa?  Leathermen, pups, handlers and fetishists from around the country converged at the host bar Blazing Saddle for what was billed as “Seven Hot Men, Five Bars, One Night.”

Iowa leather events producer Jeremy Morris hosted seven current title holders: International Mr. Leather 2012 Woody Woodruff, Great Lakes LeatherSIR 2013 Sir Papa Bear, Mr. Iowa Leather 2013 Mark Turnage, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2013 Ryan Brown, Mr. Midwest Leather 2012 Matt Hengle, International Trainer 2012 Daddy Don and International Puppy 2012 Pup Luckey.

Le Chateau shipped cartons of fetish gear and leather clothing for their impromptu storefront at the Blazing Saddle where Alexis Miller measured, fitted and helped many patrons find their new gear items; she had something for everyone.

Friday’s “Gear Bar Crawl” started with half-priced martinis at the Blazing Saddle then stepped a few feet next door to Buddy’s Corral, then a few more steps to Lime.  The Leatherman then grabbed their heaviest gear for the frozen drive to The Garden where Woody sang and the other leathermen tossed towels, necklaces and other goodies to the waiting crowd.  The final stop was at Le Boi Bar where the titleholders were announced on stage before crawling back to Blazing Saddle to finish out the night.

Saturday started off at Americana with an all-you-can-eat buffet, bottomless Bloody Marys and mimosas where Woody surprised many with his special order Spamwich . This primed the weekend visitors for the afternoon kink demos.

First up at Kink U, Pup Luckey and Daddy Don presented Suspension Bondage 101 with Ryan as the bondage bottom.  Don explained the rope, knots and safety precautions as Pup Luckey tied a harness and bootstraps before hoisting Ryan first on his side then flipping him, as he swung belly-down.

Next up were Sir Papa Bear’s and Jason Southerland’s flagellation demonstrations.  Sir Papa Bear restrained Matt as he described five of his favorite floggers, flogging techniques, safety and aftercare to the overflowing room of students.  Jason educated the crowd about his paddles and canes while Mark assumed “the position”.  All in attendance learned quite a bit about these scenes and no doubt quite a bit more about themselves!

Pup Luckey and Daddy Don followed with a demo and explanation of the Puppy and Handler scene.  Again the Kink students left with a much better understanding of this kink.

The finale of the afternoon was a round-table discussion of identity, roles, and etiquette lead by Sir Papa Bear, Pup Luckey, Daddy Don, and Jason. The audience learned about collars, covers, and when in doubt, to ask!

Mark Turnage said, “Kink education is self-defining – its lessons are meant to test limits, defy expectations and reward with self-discovery. We had the privilege of hosting some truly gifted teachers this past weekend. They sparked curiosity and interest with experienced and newly exploring kinksters alike.”

I Jeremy Morris stated, “I am constantly humbled by the excitement and devotion this community has shown every time we do an event. Thank you to everyone that came out – to our titleholders who helped in every way possible this weekend and our leather vendor. Special thanks to the Blazing Saddle and staff for all your help and support!”

Indeed, Des Moines showed their community and guests a very hot time.

Matt Hengle
Special to the Chicago Den

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