Female Warriors: Stories of Sexual Assault Survival on Mar. 2

MINNEAPOLIS — Minneapolis photographer Ryan Coit is hosting a storytelling and fundraising event in support of sexual assault victims on Friday, March 2, at The Saloon MN.

From the Facebook event:

America is going through a huge social and cultural shift. Many status quo aspects pertaining to gender disparity has been judged and found no longer acceptable. One such aspect is rape culture. Sexual assault has not seen such heavy coverage in both the professional media and social platforms. Many female identified and even some male identified individuals spoke up, offering their vulnerabilities to add to the dialogue that sexual assault is not okay and should not go unpunished. Many spoke up via the #MeToo campaign via Twitter and Facebook platforms. Some are taking it even further. One such person is Mikayla Stanek.

Inspired by women in the entertainment industry coming forward about sexual assault, Mikayla will be holding a photo gallery. This gallery will portray sexual assault experiences of 14 female-identified individuals from the Twin Cities.

“I wanted to show local women’s stories because people in the community know these women and its going to show people what an epidemic this is. We have women from all walks of life. The photos will be given to the women at the end of the night as we do not want to profit off these women’s stories,” says Stanek.

Local photographer, Ryan Coit, is lending his lens to help give a microphone to these stories. Stanek who knows that change can happen, intends this gallery to join the loud voices of survivors that sexual assault is not to be overlooked or swept under the rug.

(Advocates from the Sexual Violence Center will be present for those needing support during the event.)

There is no cover for the event. This is a 21+ event. Free coat-check will be provided.