Feb 10th – Bound To Learn with Surrender

Master So’N’So will not be attending! This month’s schedule conflicts with his Commitment Ceremony with Maichen at CapriCon 32.

Surrender will be hosting the event instead.


Bound To Learn (BTL) provides a collaborative lab environment where you can explore shibari and other types of rope bondage at your own pace while surrounded by peers. Participants bring photographs, books, ideas and projects to work on, creating an informal environment dedicated to organic learning. All genders, sexualities, and rope-orientations are welcome.

Advanced players will enjoy the atmosphere of collaboration, surrounded by other knowledgeable riggers inspiring each other. Beginners wishing to self-educate will have a cornucopia of resources available to them including potential mentors, but this is not a class.

Bottoms will get a chance to compare experiences with other rope bottoms, and to try new partners and ties. Extra rope bottoms are in high demand at most rope events and BTL is unlikely to be an exception – we frequently have several tops working on a single bottom!

Due to the difficulty in getting equal numbers of bottoms and tops at any rope event, and the high learning value of seeing the other person’s perspective, participants are encouraged to switch during the event.

BTL will begin at 10pm, with a short round of introductions under the frame in Turmoil. We will then divide into organically created groups to practice rope bondage techniques (katas), experiment with new techniques, and learn from each other.

For more information about GD2, including a calendar of upcoming activities, socials, and educational events, please visit GD2.
For questions about attending Bound To Learn or other GD2 attendance questions, email Jerith at jerith@galleriadomain.org. For questions regarding the event, contact Master So’N’So at ropenight@toastology.com.