Fantasy & Community Round Table with Knights of Leather, Sept. 10

MINNEAPOLIS — Come see some of our darkest desires. Those things that go bump in the night and make you beg … for mercy and for more. Then explore with us about how you can/do make your nightmares come true. Why, when, with whom. Adult show and tell like you’ve never experienced before.

Doors open at 4pm in the LUSH Event Center. Please be 21+ and open-minded.

We welcome ALL genders and ALL orientations.

No cover charge. No minimum purchase. No drinking required. Please note, LUSH is a bar and graciously providing us with space. They would appreciate your patronage if you have the means.

New to the community? You are welcome to come but content has been developed at a 301 level. Please do more research before attempting to reenact.

Facebook event page:

Knights of Leather