Fall Club Rush in Chicago, Sept. 15

CHICAGO — Looking to give back to the community? Interested in a exploring your fetishes?

Now that you are spending less time on the beach or in the park, you might be looking for something else to get into. Our busy fall continues this Friday with our annual FALL CLUB RUSH PARTY.

Over our 40 year history, Touché has been the home of many local leather/fetish clubs. I’ve mentioned before that we call the back bar our CLUB ROOM where you can see the colors of many of these clubs. Unfortunately, many of these early clubs folded when their members were wiped out when AIDS struck our community in the 80’s. But a few survived and others formed in their wake and Chicago boasts a lively leather/fetish club scene with over 15 different groups around town. The colors of active clubs that call Touché home are on display near the pool table in the main bar.

During our FALL CLUB RUSH PARTY, members from several of these clubs will be on hand to talk with you about their goals and activities. No one is going to sell you raffle tickets or put you in a contest, they just want to meet folks. If you have been looking for a way to learn more about Chicago’s leather/fetish community and possible get involved in activities here at Touché and more, this is your night, you might just find a club you would want to join.

To prepare for this night, we have filled a couple of our walls with a special display. Over our long history of supporting Chicago’s leather/fetish club scene, these various clubs have amassed a huge collection of awards from other clubs at runs and other functions. That’s on top of the many presented to Touché for our support of these clubs. You may view a portion of these awards during the FALL CLUB RUSH PARTY through October when we dress the house for Halloween. It’s been a thought provoking project for me. With awards going back to 1976, there are many memories for me of people gone, events I worked or attended. Check out a bit of Chicago’s leather history and our local clubs.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/379974225753338/