For Your Eyes Only: Fine Art Erotica in Chicago


CHICAGO — Sidetracked Studio is proud to present our second annual fine art exhibition of erotica called “For Your Eyes Only.” Last year Lauren Levato Coyne and Rory Coyne were the only artists to make erotic work.

“This year we wanted to broaden the show by inviting many other artists from around the country, some who make erotic work on a regular basis and some who are interpreting the theme specifically for this exhibition,” said Coyne.

“For Your Eyes Only developed from our celebration of ‘sugar week’,” said Levato Coyne. “In different years but somehow all during the same week in July we met, had our first date, rescued both our dogs, married, Rory moved to the United States, and it’s his birthday. So of course we have dubbed this ‘sugar week’ and by extension we wanted to make a big exhibition celebration of it as well.”

Full article on The Illinois Eagle.