Explorations II Cancelled

Explorations IIBELLEVILLE, Mich.- This is MasterGrizly and his liltala. We are the hosts and organizers of Explorations ii.

The venue we were scheduled to use, RebelsRealm, has had some unfortunate troubles.

The venue will be unavailable for use for the foreseeable future. We have contacted several other possible venues in the hopes of moving the event. However no other venue can accommodate us in the time needed. Therefore it is with great regrets and heavy hearts we must cancel Explorations ii.

We did not come to this decision easily or lightly. It took many hours of work, discussion, arguments, re-discussion, and finally acceptance that we have done all we can do.

All those that have prepaid for the event will receive full refunds. We will begin processing refunds in the next few days.

I urge those that can, to take part of their refunds and redirect them to the Rebelsrealm Legal Fund. We are donating personal funds to the fund to help him reorganize, remodel and reopen.

He has provided this community a good and open venue for many events.  It is the best interest of this entire community for him to reopen.  It is my belief that he will reopen bigger and better than before. Look for us to announce fundraisers for the Rebelsrealm Legal Fund. Also watch for announcements of upcoming events

MasterGrizly and his liltala