Event Report – GLLA 11

Once again, hundreds of Leather folk converged on Indianapolis for Great Lakes Leather Alliance XI. Held August 24 -26, this years event marked a return to a previous hotel venue, traditionally enjoyed by many of the attendees. And of interest for those in and around the Chicago area, for the first time, Illinois had the largest number of attendees outside of Indiana, finally “beating” Kentucky!

At the Friday night opening ceremonies, event producer Miss Kendra, welcomed everyone to GLLA, new and returning attendees alike. She encouraged everyone to enjoy themselves, enjoy the contests and to remember to take give the title holders a chance before judging them too harshly. “They do a lot of growing up over the year,” Miss Kendra remarked.

Mistress of Ceremonies, Gabrielle Antolovich (International Ms Leather 1990), also greeted everyone and welcomed everyone to the event for the year. She spoke of how GLLA is truly a community, which thankfully has workshops. “So all you 50 Shades people,” she joked, “get to a workshop!”

The contestants for the event were introduced, representing Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky.

Leather Sir Contestants Sir Ernie (Indiana) and Sir Papa Bear (Michigan); Leather boy Contestant boy Mark (Indiana); Ms Leather Pride Contestants Cherries Jubali (Illinois) and Mistress Soleil (Michigan); Master and slave Contestants Master Peter Raven and slave Evangeline (Illinois) and Bootblack Contestants Bella (Kentucky) and Pup Astro (Illinois).

Following the Friday night opening ceremonies, the annual Ash Bash was held, coordinated by Bootblack Coordinator Riley Johnson and his staff of volunteers. It was a night of cigars, bourbon and other “activities.”

Also held Friday night was the Fireside Chat with Queen Cougar, Ms. San Francisco Leather 1993. Queen Cougar spoke of her extensive history within the Leather community, and remarked on both the positive and negative changes she has witnessed over the years.

Later on Friday night, International Ms Leather held the screening of their self produced film, “Sisterhood of the Sash.”

Saturday was filled with classes and workshops as the attendees prepared for the annual poolside auction. While the auction was held, a cookout was sponsored by Indiana Masters and slaves/submissives/switches (IMAS). The KISS group (Kinky Indiana Slaves and Submissives) operated their kissing booth, where the proceeds went to two local Indianapolis charities. There was also the Bootblack ice cream social, where not only ice cream was offered, but root beer bourbon floats!

Auctions were held offering everything from bootblacking services, a “bootblack gang bang,” live “porn” scenes, individuals scenes for on both the Top and bottom side (including a 2 Top scene) and a host of baskets including art, wonderful toys, and even an obscenely large cucumber.

After the auction, the contest continued where the contestants were able to showcase their finest. All of the fantasies were top notch, drawing from a variety of inspirations, ranging from modern movies (Thor vs. Captain America) to a walk in a dog park to a sadistic fireman.

Following the speeches, which covered topics such as personal and community responsibility, integrity of titleholders, and the impact of the internet, the winners of the titles were announced.

Great Lakes Leather Sir 2012 – Sir Papa Bear
Great Lakes Leather Boy 2012 – boy Mark
Great Lakes Ms Leather Pride – Cherries Jubali
Great Lakes Master and slave 2012 – Peter Raven and slave Evangeline
Great Lakes Bootblack 2012 – Bella

The contestants were congratulated on their successful competitions, and then Ms. Kendra invited everyone to return to Indianapolis next year for GLLA XII!

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